Vlahov Cherry Brandy - 1950s (31%, 75cl)

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Vlahov Cherry Brandy - 1950s (31%, 75cl)
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Era:  1950s
ABV:  31%
Volume:  75cl

Romano Vlahov was established in 1861 in Zadar and first produced maraschino.  Trail-blazed by Francesco Drioli, the popularity of this liqueur saw the establishment of Luxardo in 1821 and the triumvirate of Drioli, Luxardo and Vlahov formed l’industria del maraschino di Zara, or the maraschino industry of Zadar.

But enough about maraschino and its transparency.  Behold the deep red of Vlahov's Cherry Brandy.  Worth it for the gorgeous label alone, the bottle is also highly pleasing.  It does strike a resemblance to contemporaneous Cherry Heering bottles, but all's fair in love and war.

We know this bottle was produced between 1949 and 1959 because of its particular metal tax seal, so for the sake of argument we're calling it 1950s.

Pour it on your ice cream!

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