Vintage Spirits Adverts

  • Manhattan Cocktail

    It's curious that this film should be made in 1928, during Prohibition-era America.  Part-talkie due to Hollywood being in the transition period between silent and sound, this film was a Paramount Picture and this is one of several fabulous posters that surrounded its release.

    We would certainly like to see it, but unfortunately it's completely lost; save for a one minute segment.

    We can just imagine a Saturday night watching this in New York, before heading to the nearest Speakeasy to discuss it over an actual Manhattan Cocktail...
  • Campari Cordial

    A clear and raspberry-flavoured sweet liqueur originally released in 1892, Campari Cordial was sadly discontinued exactly a century later in 1992.  Apparently it had mainly been popular on the home market in Italy.  Of course, the fact that it's defunct means nothing to the Old Spirits Co. and it's not only one of our favourite spirits but favoured amongst our customers.  Take advantage of the opportunity to try a bottle from the 1950s through the 1990s.  It's not only desirable for its rarity but for its rich flavour that lends an added string to the bartender's bow.

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