Herewith a collection of the finest words and prettiest pictures that have graced the world of online and print media to sing praises for the Old Spirits Co.  We have been blessed by being featured in a number of first-class publications by a number of wonderful people.

Please take some time to peruse the various links below...

Jason Horn // Playboy // Here's How You Start An Impressive Spirits Collection // April 2016

Robb Vices // Chips Off the Old Block // August 2015

Munchies by Vice // Inside the Dusty World of Vintage Spirits Collectors // August 2015

CBC News // Vintage Wines & Spirits Article // July 2015
[NB:  Listen to radio interview here]

Wine Enthusiast // Really Old School Drinks // June 2015

Wall Street Journal // Vintage Spirits is Getting a Revival // May 2015

SoFAB Magazine // The Allure of Vintage Spirits // May 2015

Metropolitan // Eurostar's On-Board Magazine // October 2014

Robb Vices // History in a Bottle // October 2014

London's Evening Standard // Booze That Improves With Age // August 2014

Difford's Guide // Vintage Spirits for Dummies // January 2014

The Cocktail Lovers // New Tastes for Old Spirits // Winter 2013

Gastronomista // A Guide to Vintage Spirits with Edgar Harden // September 2013

Hot Rum Cow // You Have to Admire His Spirit // May 2013

Popular Offerings // Vintage Spirits // May 2013

The Huffington Post // Vintage Liquors Give a Taste of Decades-Old Spirits // April 2013

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