"Old Bushmill's" Irish Whiskey - 1980s (40%, 75cl)

Old Spirits Company

  • £150.00

Era:  1980s
ABV:  40%
Volume:  75cl

A bottle of "Old Bushmills" from the "Old Bushmills" Distillery Co., Limited.

The Oldest Distillery in the World

... or so professes this particular bottle from the 1980s, which we're inclined to believe as it also states that...

The distilling, blending and bottling of this superb whiskey is still patiently carried on by skilled and dedicated craftsmen in the small village of Bushmills, Ireland, much as it has since the year 1608, when history's first "License to distil Whiskey" was granted to the OLD BUSHMILLS Distillery.

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