How frequently are your Frequently Asked Questions asked?

For a question to be considered a Frequently Asked Question then it has to be asked with a frequency of at least four times a day. The question can be asked via any medium, such as by phone, e-mail or in person.

What if I have a question that has not been asked frequently enough?

That's a very good question. Please get in touch with us via our Contact Page, or by e-mailing us at:



How long will it take to receive my Old Spirits?

We aim to dispatch shipments with 1 - 2 working days and then delivery time will depend on the country to which the bottles are being shipped. In any case, tracking information will be provided for every shipment. Needless to say, we hope to have your bottles in hand as quickly as possible. For more precisely-estimated delivery times please contact us.

May I collect my bottles from you or have them delivered by hand within London?

Yes, of course. Please select the option to 'Collect" at checkout and get in touch to arrange. Collection is free of charge. Delivery in person will usually command a nominal fee.  ID check will be required.

Do prices include VAT for UK customers?

There is a limitation within the Shopify platform regarding the charging of VAT within pricing. Our list prices are all without VAT. We are legally obliged to charge VAT at the point of sale for UK customers only.

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