Hiram Walker & Son's "Canadian Club" 6YO Blended Canadian Whisky - Distilled 1947 / Bottled 1953 (45.2%, 75.7cl)

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Hiram Walker & Son's
  • Hiram Walker & Son's
  • Hiram Walker & Son's
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Era:  Distilled 1947 / Bottled 1953
ABV:  45.2%
Volume:  75.7cl

Distilled in 1947 (as stated on the tax seal) whilst King George VI still reigned, but bottled after his death as the label informs "By Appointment - Suppliers of "Canadian Club" Whisky to the Late King George VI."

A real history straddler, this one.

It just goes to show that monarchs come and go; but somewhere, always, there is whisky maturing unbeknownst in barrel.

Label detail reads:

"Matured in cask in warehouses which are warmed during the cold season and bottled by the distillers under Canadian Government supervision as indicated on the official Canadian Government stamp affixed over the capsule of every bottle."

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