Four Roses Premium Light Blended American Whiskey - 1970s (40%, 75.7cl)

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Four Roses Premium Light Blended American Whiskey - 1970s (40%, 75.7cl)
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Era:  1970s
ABV:  40%
Volume:  75.7cl

The origins of the Four Roses brand are historically hazy, with some speculating that it has been sold since the 1860s. The brand name itself was trademarked in 1888 by the Paul Jones company. At the onset of Prohibition, Paul Jones purchased the Frankfort Distillery, reorganising their company as part of it in order to use its medicinal license to continue to bottle Four Roses bourbon. The Four Roses distillery we know today was built in Lawrenceburg in 1910 by JTS Brown & Sons. Known back then as the Old Prentice, it is one of the Kentucky distilleries on the National Register of Historic Buildings for its distinctive Spanish mission style architecture. It was re-opened in 1933 after the repeal of Prohibition, Seagram purchased the Frankfort Distillery in 1943, and the Old Prentice distillery three years later, moving the production on the Four Roses brand there, renaming the plant after it in the process. When Seagram was wound up in the early 2000s, the distillery and its brands were bought by Japanese firm, Kirin, who continue to produce Four Roses to great acclaim.

At this point the Four Roses straight bourbon was unavailable in the US market and was produced exclusively for export, primarily the Japanese market. Instead, Seagram's bottled this blended whiskey for its American consumers. This was produced and bottled at a combination of their Dundalk distillery in Maryland (closed since the early 1990s), and their famous Indiana distillery, nowadays known as MGP.

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