Bols Apricot Brandy Ballerina - 1960s (30.8%, 50cl)

Old Spirits Company

Bols Apricot Brandy Ballerina - 1960s (30.8%, 50cl)
  • £150.00

Era: 1960s
ABV: 30.8% 
Volume: 50cl

A oversized 50cl bottle of Bols Apricot  Brandy, which houses a working Ballerina movement. When the bottle is set down, a mechanism activates and the ballerina dances whilst music plays in a similar manner to a traditional music box.
Bols Ballerina bottles came in four different variations - Apricot Brandy, Gold Liqueur, Triple Sec or Creme de Menthe. For each different liqueur, the colour of the ballerina’s dress could vary from red to white and the music played can either be the Skater’s Waltz or the Blue Danube.



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