• HOPSES, Berne, 1954

    The central golden medallion on the front of the main label of this handsome bottle of Moskovskaya Vodka is marked with an image of the Swiss Eagle, HOSPES/BERNE 1954 and EXPOSITION DU TOURISME SUISSE ET DE L’ART CULINAIRE INTERNATIONAL.  With the last ‘World Fair’ or Expo held in Europe having taken place in 1939 and many nations still on food rations, it was time for such an event to stimulate co-operation in international trade, travel and cuisine.  From May 14 to June 21 750,000 visitors thronged the 170,000 meter Exhibition Hall featuring 21 national pavilions (including the USA and Japan) manned by 5,000 staff and volunteers.  24 restaurants fed everybody and chef delegates form 15 nations, some of whom sent national teams, participated in a Salon Culinaire.  HOSPES invigorated the Swiss tourism industry and fostered international exchange. 

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