Ramazzotti Rabarbaro - 1970s (18%, 100cl)

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Ramazzotti Rabarbaro - 1970s (18%, 100cl)
  • Ramazzotti Rabarbaro - 1970s (18%, 100cl)
  • Ramazzotti Rabarbaro - 1970s (18%, 100cl)
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Era:  1970s
ABV:  18%
Volume:  100cl

From the Ramazzotti Distillery in Milan, Italy comes this Rabarbaro Amaro.

A rough translation of its label from the Italian is as follows:

Rhubarb, a plant native to the highlands of Central Asia, has been known for thousands of years for its beneficial properties. Rhubarb Ramazzotti is obtained from the roots of the most valuable Chinese rhubarb, whose extracts, harmonized with those of other herbs, and with the addition of sugar and alcohol, give rise to a pleasant, perfectly natural and genuine liquor.

And what follows is a rough translation of the reverse label:

To taste Rabarbaro Ramazzotti in all its fragrance, so serve it as: An aperitif: well chilled with a splash of soda water and a lemon or orange zest. Serve it as you wish, with pretzels, chips or olives. As a digestif: smooth, at room temperature, is the right end of the meal with its pleasantly bitter flavour, and naturally accompanies digestion.  Hot: mixed with water and with a zest of orange, is wonderfully balanced.

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