James Buchanan's "De Luxe" Finest Blended Scotch Whisky - 1950s (43%, 75cl)

Old Spirits Company

James Buchanan's
  • James Buchanan's
  • James Buchanan's
  • £300.00

Era:  1950s
ABV:  43%
Volume:  75cl

James Buchanan was born in Ontario, Canada in 1849, eventually moving to Scotland to work for blending agent, Charles Mackinlay & Co. In 1884 he struck out on his own, and the rest is history. Working with W.P. Lowrie, he created the inaugural Buchanan Blend, using Dalwhinnie, Clynelish and Glendullan, which was specifically designed to appeal to the English palate. It was such a success that it became the drink of choice in the House of Commons bar, and Buchanan renamed it after the institution. Better known by its distinctive monochrome packaging however, the affectionately referred to Black & White whisky became the brands official title in 1902. The company merged with John Dewar & Sons in 1915 to become Buchanan-Dewar, which in turn became part of DCL in 1925. It modern iteration, Diageo, still produce its blends today.

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